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PostPosted by TheWardenOfSuperjail » Thu May 18, 2017 5:03 am

Ranku wrote:
GunterFan wrote:I liked the episode, but it was more an excuse for the show to dabble in nightmare imagery. It didn't really have a solid plot. I thought the banana resolution was weird and a bit anti-climactic.

I actually found that part kinda funny, what is it with Adventure Time and weird subjects involving bananas? First the nightosphere and now this? Also, I think that part was also supposed to be forshadowing about how Ooo was "going bananas" while they were gone.

I agree. Also, don't forget Banana Man, the Banana Guards, Ice King's recurring banana phone, among other things like that time Ice King randomly starts tilting back and forth on his butt while holding his toes and going "I'm a banana". I just chalked it up to another instance of this show's love of banana based humor.
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