A reintroduction to YMP

A reintroduction to YMP

PostPosted by yourmommypants » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:34 pm

Hello I am yourmommypants, and am a huge Adventure Time fan like most of you. While there are other shows we like Adventure Time is the show that got us back into watching regular cartoon network and kids shows in general, it really has changed my tv viewing habbits and has had a positive impact on me. Without it I don't watch Gravity Falls, Regular Show or Steven Unverise. Adventure Time probably saved CN from going into the abyss and being a irrelevant channel until nighttime. It changed Cartoon Network and hopefully it will get it just due again one day and get aired more even after it ends next year. It deserves it so much. Hell I even become a fan I wanted to discuss it with others. So I saw the original site and decided to join, since it was natural.

I joined the first forum what two years ago. It was a great time and I met many wonderful people here. I have also become even a BIGGER fan of the show now.

People on here have been really cool as hell. I have talked to many of you on here and really have become good friends on here with you on here, and even those who I have talked to not as much, and discuss our favorite show are awesome as well, great experience all around. I will miss the old forums but we must march on. I am hoping that this site surpasses the old site and the good stuff it did, I hope so because boot busted his but to make this happen, and I want it to happen for him as well as the people I have met and the people I am going to hopefully met. I plan to continue the talking with people on here I have forged a good relationship epically those I talk to. However I want to see new people on here as well and to see this community along with the great show this is based on grow back to where it should be.

I look forward to being here with all of you, new and old, let's begin a new journey on this path of whatever it is. LOL
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Re: A reintroduction to YMP

PostPosted by GunterFan » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:27 pm

Good to have you back!
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Re: A reintroduction to YMP

PostPosted by AquaSeashells » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:53 pm

Hello again!
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