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Miniseries Opinions

PostPosted by GunterFan » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:15 pm

Now that all three of the miniseries have been released, what are your comparative thoughts? Which ones did you like more? Which ones did you think needed more work? For instance: "Stakes" >> "Islands" >>>> "Elements"

I loved the focus on Marceline in "Stakes", and thought the writing was a good balance of funny and serious. "Islands" was pretty solid too, and the last two or so episodes are among the best the show has done, but unfortunately, the miniseries was dragged down by a slow middle. "Elements" was fun, but not really anything above what the show usually does. It also had some weird elements (no pun intended) in it that rubbed me the wrong way.

All in all, I liked them all in different ways, although "Stakes" will always be my fav.
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Re: Miniseries Opinions

PostPosted by Jake Suit » Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:02 am

Stakes is my favorite of the miniseries. All the episodes range from great-fantastic. The themes explored, emotions, and songs were great. I like what they did with the PB dethroning arc during the first 6 parts of the miniseries, but I would've muched prefered for the conclusion of that arc was in an episode focusing on just that. Finn and Jake had some funny moments and I liked their plot in Take Her Back, but they really should've been acting more serious in certain parts of it, for example their constant burping. Finn literally didn't help at all. Every single attempt from him to help on this adventure failed. I get its Marcy's miniseries, but even Jake was crucial in defeating the Hyrophant, Finn couldn't get one helpful moment?

Islands was good, but really disapointing in a lot of ways. Least favorite if the miniseries. 5 episodes ranged from great-fantastic. Loved they finally made Susans into a really good character. Loved the flashback sequences and a lot of stuff with Minerva. They rest ranged from bad to mediocre. The ending was rushed as hell. Finn and Minerva never even discussed Martin, at least onscreen! Finn says I can stay for a while before leaving, but then they just cut to them leaving! Why does Finn wait until his mom is disconnecting from him to ask her those questions? The gaurdian is barely a threat at the end. Susans and Freida barely say bye to Finn and Jake

Elements was great. Second favorite of the miniseries. I don't really understand what people's reasons are for not liking it that much. I agree that Patience was really dissapointed and barely appeared and it didn't reach the heights the other two miniseries, did, but it didn't reach the lows of the other two! Stake's lows weren't that bad but Islands were.This had so many little moments of character development! Some many funny and epic moments. What they did with Betty was fantastic. I loved LSP is more important in the AT lore now. It was really really solid.
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Re: Miniseries Opinions

PostPosted by Scaly Ghost » Thu May 11, 2017 7:48 am

For me, "Stakes" > "Elements" > "Islands".

I wasn't absolutely in love with stakes, and as a whole kind of puts me off a bit, as I'm not a massive Marceline fan. I found the ending kinda annoying and I felt that the vampires weren't used as characters as well as they could have been. But there is no denying that it was well done.

Elements was a lot of fun, and while it ultimately didn't do very much it was still nicely animated and a good story. Sort of a sideventure, but a good one.

Islands was highly anticipated but definitely let me down. The last few episodes and the backstory of Finn were nice, but none of the episode plots themselves felt right and the early episodes were just bad. It felt anticlimactic, after the "what are finn's origins" mystery since, what, Susan Strong? Boom Boom Mountain? Overall I didn't like it much.
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Re: Miniseries Opinions

PostPosted by Thomas Hell » Thu May 11, 2017 12:52 pm

For me, "Stakes" > "Islands" > "Elements".

At first I was rather annoyed by the seemingly mindless vampire genocide plot of "Stakes", then VK's speech just blew me away. It actually made me really think of the underlying theme of the miniseries, and how it applies to real life. Despite its rather weak ending, to me it is the most balanced, consistent miniseries among the three. The humor is on point, the pacing is good, the characters were interesting(although I find Hierophant kinda meh), overall a decently written story.

"Islands" had some of the most emotional moments in the show, but I find some of the episodes to be extremely slow-paced. It has a decent story, but I felt that the miniseries itself was not balanced well in terms of plot. Like "Mysterious Island" was extremely draggy for me as nothing much was happening, and I found myself just waiting for the episode to end. "Helpers" however had this huge infodump which builds up to the ending. There were a lot of missed opportunities for Finn and Minerva to interact, but overall I am satisfied with it.

"Elements" went for a more lighthearted direction compared to the other two, which to me felt very awkward at times as some of the humor just doesn't feel right. Not to mention that it was highly saturated with puns. (Not saying puns are bad, just felt that they overdid it a little.) The pacing was really slow, which made it felt like it was stretched to fit eight episodes. However, I do enjoy most of the characters interactions (Betty, Simon, Finn and Jake, LSP). Overall, an ok miniseries, which could've been improved a lot in different ways.
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