Worm, A web serial

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Worm, A web serial

PostPosted by Ranku » Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:06 am

So those that know me from the previous forum probably remember that I am absolutely crazy for this series.

Worm is a web serial (think a novel posted online one chapter at a time 2-3 chapters per week as they were written) about a teenage girl named Taylor Hebert who has recently developed the unconventional power to sense and control all bugs (wasps, bees, ants, spiders, flies, worms, even shrimp and crabs) within a range of two city blocks of her. After months of practicing and weaving her own costume out of black widow spider silk, she decides to escape from her deeply unhappy life by becoming a superhero. Though as I like to say, you can only swarm so many people in spiders before people start to make assumptions about your morality. After her first night in costume, she fights a supervillain gang leader and is immediately mistaken for a supervillain. From there things start to spiral out of control as she has to deal with the politics of the "cape" community which is filled with unspoken rules, truces between heroes and villains, gray morals and the tagline of the series "Doing the wrong things for the right reasons."

Unlike many superpower series, powers have been an acknowledged part of this world since the mid 80's, with the number of parahumans growing almost exponentially ever since the first known parahuman, a naked man with golden skin and hair who would later be known as "Scion" appeared in 1982. in 1986 there were close to 50 known parahumans, in the current year of 2011, there are approximately 800,000 parahumans worldwide. The world has had time to adapt to the existance of people who can bend or flat out break the known laws of physics in this time, with many governments having their own dedicated teams of parahumans, With the protectorate and wards of canada and united states with ongoing talks of mexico joining, the suits and kingsmen of the UK, the yangban of the Chinese Union Imperial and even more unofficial teams and even some corporate sponsored teams.

It's worth noting that Worm is a really dark story. Powers have NOT helped the world as a whole. Since most parahumans get their powers through mental/emotional/physical trauma, many capes are actually very disturbed individuals, with villains outnumbering heroes 2-1. Las Vegas is steadily collapsing under the pressure of villains who can manipulate the odds at casinos, japan was reduced to 3rd world country status almost overnight after an "Endbringer" attacked kyushu in 1999 killing millions and splitting the landmass, an area around morodovia russia is considered a lost cause since almost no one survives simply entering "The Sleeper's" area of influence to the point where barely anyone can tell what he even is, people throughout europe avoid discussing or interacting with the refugees from switzerland who have a swan tattooed on their hands, and America prays that the monster in Ellisburgh New York continues to be passive and stay within the walls around the small town.

I put this series in the "podcasts" section since this series has a large fandom (well, out of the webfiction community, which is kinda small), which is curently publishing podcast discussions of readthroughs of the series, and there's a fanmade audiobook on almost all podcast apps. In fact, I volunteered as a narrator in the audiobook, I go by the same name in it as here, my first chapter is 11.B

If you wish to read it, it's at parahumans.wordpress.com

the audiobook is at audioworm.rein-online.org

Feel free to discuss, and ask me any questions about it, I love talking about this series :P
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