Samurai Jack

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Re: Samurai Jack

PostPosted by Mordecai626 » Thu May 25, 2017 3:54 am

The ending sucked honestly. Waiting 13 years for this didn't pay off...
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Re: Samurai Jack

PostPosted by Melkor » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:39 pm

At first I was okay with how it ended, but now that I've had time to ruminate on it some more after hearing what other people thought of it, my opinion has kind of changed and now I find myself liking it less and less. A majority of this finale's problems stem from how rushed it was, which was to be expected considering that Genddy and his team were barely given enough budget to just make 10 episodes instead than the usual 13 from previous seasons of Samurai Jack. The final episode should have at least been an extended episode like a lot of cartoons gets for their finales, so why couldn't Samurai Jack have gotten the same treatment?

This show was a big part of my childhood and I loved it, but I honestly actually would have rather preferred that the show just stayed unfinished if that rushed BS ending was what we were going to get after waiting 13 years. It hurts to say this, but that finale sucked, and it's a shame because every episode in season 5 except for the final episode was actually pretty good. That just goes to show that an ending can really ruin a series and the way that it is perceived by fans. If the ending is bad, nobody will be talking about any of the good things in the series, and will instead be focusing only on how bad the ending was.

I appreciate Genddy's work and all that he's done, but if I were in his position I would not not have even bothered making this final season if they weren't going to give me the proper budget and episode count to be able to do this show justice and give it a proper finale that the fans deserve and have been waiting 13 years for. A lot of people are saying that this was the ending that Genndy wanted and that we just have to deal with it, but you cannot tell me that Genndy would not have done way more with this final episode if he had been allowed to make it a longer or had been allowed to do 13 episodes instead of 10.
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