An Idea for an Awesome AT Fan Fiction

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An Idea for an Awesome AT Fan Fiction

PostPosted by Melkor » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:12 am

Hello everyone, I guess this is the right place for this, so here is something I would really like to share with all of you and get your thoughts and opinions on it. For a while now ever since the Islands miniseries first aired up until when Elements aired, I have thought of awesome idea for an epic fan fiction story for Adventure Time whose story would kind of serve as an unofficial final season to the show. I'm going to try my best to make it fit within the canon story of AT as much as possible, so I'm kind of waiting until after the series ends before I actually start writing it so I can make adjustments to the plot so that it still fits. If AT does end off on an unsatisfying or open ending that doesn't resolve much, then I'm definitely going to turn this into a fan fiction story for people to enjoy.

The idea for the story behind this fan fiction spawned from an RP game that me and a couple of my friends did a while back where we came up with some interesting episode ideas for AT. I wrote all of those ideas down and then fleshed them out into a cohesive story that would be big enough to fill up an entire season. In the story that I created, I tried to answer as many plot points as possible, while also giving it a somewhat more dark and mature tone, similar to what the finale season of Samurai Jack did, however I made sure that it still felt like AT and that the humor would still be there. It's an interesting and epic story that span 26 episodes and a miniseries of 8 episodes (for a total of 33 episodes), and the whole thing was just a roller coaster ride of so many different emotions where everything connects so well and comes full circle by the end. The backstories and origin of various characters are also explored, and other characters are fleshed out more.

The link I'll provide in this post is a link to the Word document that can be viewed on Google Drive. It is a very sizable and lengthy document, starting with a brief explanation of the content of the document, a list of the names of all the episode in the story and a short one sentence summary of each, and then finally a long version of the episodes that is a more detailed and intricate summary of each episode that gives you the full scope and context behind them. I will likely be going back and going back to the document to very often in order to change and edit some things, so I will constantly be replacing the link here in this post with a new one that leads to the updated version of the document.

I'd really like to know what all of you think of the potential story I came up with and would like your input on how a story like this might work out, and if there are any things I should add, change, or address that I forgot about. Since we are probably in for another long wait for new Adventure Time episodes, hopefully you all find this story of mine to be very entertain and it will hold you over until then.

Here is the link to the document: ... kVwaGs2d28
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